he monitoring center is equipped with a modern monitoring system carrying out 24/7 monitoring of the power plants through its own specialized software for monitoring, analysis and remote control /SCADA/. All power parameters are monitored in real time up to string level, 3-phase voltage and currents– MV and LV, consumed and generated active and reactive power, power factor, as well as any necessary meteorological and climatic data - solar radiation, ambient temperature, temperature of the photovoltaic module, wind speed. Control monitoring is also made of the video surveillance and security systems, independently of the SOT video surveillance systems for the respective site. All operational parameters and natural and climatic conditions are recorded both locally and in an centralized server, and afterwards the data are processed and production related reports, analyses and forecasts are prepared.


On the base of SMA monitoring system and our “Ignition” developed SCADA this window shows photovoltaic plant as it is seen really, with detailed information about status and production of every inverter. Additionally on this screen are visible general parameters as irradiation, temperatures – ambient and on the panels, and wind speed.




In all of monitored PV parks we installed our own metering of electrical grid parameters – power, voltage, current, power factor, energy etc.

On this way we control the metering of the grid company and receive useful information for analyses and reports.

On the servers of SCADA we keep all information of controlled parameters and make detailed history of the object.


In this window the owner can see in every moment production of the plant day by day, monthly and yearly yield and can make comparison between prognoses, own metering and grid company metering.





The SCADA system make in real time full record of all alarm signals and messages from the equipment. This information is used by the dispatcher for immediate reaction in cases of faults andfailures. History of alarms is useful for subsequent analyses and reports , and calculation of loses of production - reason by reason.